Ultimate Guide How to Find a Job in Thailand


Whether you are a fresh graduate, or you have been on the job market for some time, job hunting is always a challenge. It's a stressful and you don't know when it will be over. It can last a few weeks or a couple of months before you find a new job. We know that because we were in the same shoes too! We wrote this article to make the process easier and share some meanigfull insight that worked for us and our clients over the years.

Before we share with you our comprehensive tips and ways to get a job in Thailand, we should first look into two things:

1. What you should do before you start applying for new jobs.
2. How recruiters and hiring managers find candidates to fill open positions.

Preparing yourself for a job search can save you a lot of time and money. Learning where recruiters source their best candidates will help us to understand their needs and match our effort accordingly so we can create a win-win situation.

Things to do before applying for a new job

Make sure you know exactly what position you like to apply for next

One of my favourite quotes from Alice in Wonderland book clearly resonates to this:

"Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?", asked Alice to the Cat.
"That depends a good deal on where you want to get to," Cat replied.
"I don’t much care where," Alice added.
"Then it doesn’t matter which way you go..."

For you to be shortlisted, your resume should scream "I can do the job because…..". Don’t let the recruiters or hiring managers guess that 'maybe' you can do the job. Without having a clear goal on what type of position you would like to apply, your resume would be most likely too general and it is not tailored to the position that you are applying for. That brings us to the next step...

Have the best possible resume with relevant experience for the targeted role

In 32 Resumetion we come across too many candidates who simply send their so-called resume which consists of merely job description of the position that they are in and their prior positions. Yes, we all know a Sales Executive needs to get sales and new business for the company. Recruiters and Hiring Managers do not want to see the Job Description of the position. They want to see what contribution you brought to the company while you were holding the position. What have you done differently? And how your skill will help the company achieve its goals?

If you are unsure if your resume is good enough, try our Free Resume Review to get a comprehensive insight and feedback from our executive resume writers before you start applying for new positions. It's completely free and you will receive a throughout personalized analysis within 24 hours.

What are recruiters' top channels for quality hires

Understanding how recruiters get quality candidates is another important step to measure our success when searching for a new job. Based on multiple surveys and our own experience, employee referrals are the top source to get new hires for recruiters and hiring managers. It also consumed the least time to hire and onboard an applicant. Job portals category is taken the second position for best hires but we should clarify that we talk here about a huge amount of candidates with low level of relevancy - so it requires a lot of work prior finding the best hire. Third place belongs to social networks and lastly corporate career site.

Another popular way of getting candidates is by delegating recruiting to agencies or third-party companies so they can do the hard work sourcing potential candidates and the company will just choose the best talents from shortlisted applicants.

Employee Referrals

It takes 29 days to hire

Job portals

It takes 39 days to hire

Social Networks

It takes 39 days to hire

Corporate website

It takes 55 days to hire

PS: Recruiters have their KPI too and are usually tracked/pressured by time and headcounts so these data are important. You want to get hired fast and you want to help the recruiter too.

Where to find a job in Thailand

5 best ways to find your next opportunity

1. Direct Connections

People value relationships. And companies trust recommended candidate more than other candidates. So, why don’t you use this to your advantage? Don’t be shy to drop a hint to your friends and family that you are seeking for a job for a certain position or company. You may never know who might be of help for your job search. You can also use your social networks to approach all your followers, friends and connections. You might get surpised by the positive responses you will receive.


People are generally good and often willing to help.

2. LinkedIn and Other Professional Social Networks

Since the direct connections are the number one, you can use LinkedIn and other professional social networks, in the same way, to build new relationships and connect to people and companies you would like to work with. Our favourite feature is the Search bar on LinkedIn - you can search for hiring managers and recruiters who work in your targeted company or find people who are responsible for hiring and ask them directly. Not many people use this yet so it won't be considered as a spam and you can use it to your advantage.

Linkedin coca cola

For example, you can try searching for: COMPANY_NAME recruiters, COMPANY_NAME hiring or similar. This is the result of the phrase 'Coca Cola hiring'. We can see hiring managers, HR supervisor and even a job suggestion in Coca Cola company. There are more results below. So what to do with this? We could find the best person who we think can help us and Connect. Don't forget to add some note why you want to connect, for example:

"Hi, hope you are well. I am looking for a new opportunity in the company you work for. I wonder if you can help me with it or if you can connect me to the right person who I can speak with regarding NAME_OF_POSITION position. Thanks!"

If they accept your invite, you can send them a followup message in a similar tone. Just remember to mind your manners and be nice! These messages can grow your connections & network, form new relationships and develop new friendships.

On LinkedIn, you can also directly search for pages of companies you want to work with and look at the Jobs section. For example, Coca Cola has currently 356 job openings in their LinkedIn page and you can filter it further based on title or location.

Alternatively, you can visit the LinkedIn Jobs in the navigation menu and explore opportunities in your field. Oh, and one more thing! Groups and Pages on Facebook are also pretty convenient way to search for new opportunities and connect to people. There are many dedicated facebook groups and pages that cater to specific or general job posting. Recruiters nowadays are more active in social media to promote their companies. Just make sure the groups and pages are specific to your title or your preferred location so it will be relevant to you and your needs.

Here are some examples for Facebook and LinkedIn Job Groups in Thailand

If you don't have a LinkedIn profile yet or your profile is not optimized or professional, 32 Resumetion can help you with a makeover and put more lights on you and your experience. You can check our Resume Writing Packages or Other Services including LinkedIn profile.

3. Conferences, Events and Meetups

Conferences are a really great way to grow your network, form new connections and make friends from your industry. Try to regularly attend conferences - you will get inspired, learn new things and meet interesting people from your field who can help you in your current or future job search.

If you are currently working, you can even approach your manager and ask him/her if they can sponsor your ticket so you can learn something new. Managers are usually generous if we talk about education and in some companies, you won't even need to request annual leaves. If you are jobless and sort of money, you can find many events or conferences that are free of charge. You could use sites like MeetUp.com or Eventbrite.com to find conferences or events in your field located in Thailand or any other location.

4. Apply directly via company website

This is something we always advise our clients. Don’t stop with JobStreet or LinkedIn job application. Go beyond that and show the company that you are keen to work with them. If there is a link where you may apply on the company website, do so. Usually, most big companies have their "Careers" or "Work With Us" page mentioned on the bottom of their website. You can also try your luck and google "COMPANY_NAME career" - you should be able to find what you are looking for.

However, be aware of some pros and cons when applying directly:


If you apply directly to your targeted company and your resume is relevant, you rank higher in recruiter's eyes compare to candidates who randomly find the position on job portals. You will be more likely to get an interview applying directly.


Many companies use agencies to fill available positions so their career sites are abandoned with limited open positions. Some companies also use very old career system so it can take you 'the whole afternoon' to apply for a single position.

You can also pick up your phone and call the recruiter/person in charge. You may not only learn more about the job, but you also may build rapport and get the recruiter’s direct email. And that’s how you can stand out from hundreds of applicants.

5. Job portals

If a recruiter is searching for a position that is hard to fill, general or urgent, the recruiter will usually use job portals as it can source hundreds of candidates in a couple of days compared to career sites. The same goes for agencies and third-party companies responsible for hiring. So job portals are still the main go to for recruiters and agencies and nowadays it is as easy as a click for a candidate to apply for new positions. It's also a good way to learn more about trends or to explore other opportunities and companies you may want to work with.

Both career sites and job portals are using ATS ~ Application Tracking Software to extract data from your resume and store it in their databases. In the age of automation, they also use ATS together with AI to further automate their workflow. The software can compare your resume with the job description and decide if the resume is strong enough and relevant to be shortlisted without a real person looking at it. For future openings, recruiters can also filter previous candidates to find a match for their positions so it's possible that they can contact you after months you didn't hear from them. You can learn more about ATS and how it impacts your job application here.

What to do next?

If you don't know what to do, ask your friends and followers about open jobs or use general job portals like the ones we mentioned above.

If you know what you want to do but not sure what company you want to work, use niche job portals or niche social media groups and pages to find companies in your field.

If you don't know what to do but you know what company you want to work for, search the company on LinkedIn and visit their career site for their open positions.

If you know what you want to do and what company you want to work for, try to create connections and reach directly to the recruiters via LinkedIn or conferences/events.

No matter what way you decide to apply. In most cases, they will ask you to send your Resume, LinkedIn profile and Cover Letter. At 32 Resumetion, we take pride in helping you move that 1 step closer to landing your dream job. We bring a pool of talented resume writers and we take great care in ensuring every resume is tailored to not only fit your career needs, but also to ensure it is "ATS-proof" via our own ATS System.

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