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You'll be in good hands; our team of writers has experience in more than 65 industries. They are made up of professional recruitment consultants, career coaches, and experienced resume writers.

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You'll have personalised collaboration with your writer, including a 30-minute phone consultation in order to craft your entire career stories and accomplishments for your next career move. Just upload your existing resume and let us take care of the rest!

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You'll always be kept in the loop. Our in-house system updates you on the writing progress of your resume and what's coming next. The first draft will be delivered just three days after your initial phone consultation.

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" I just didn't feel confident sending my resume out. I knew I wasn't going to get any callbacks and I didn't know how to make it better. My writer was able to pull out a better story. With the new new resume, I feel more confident. I’m not great at talking about myself or promoting myself so it was great to have someone else do that. " - 4.9

N. Qalisha, Regional Project Manager

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After uploading your resume and having a 30-minute phone consultation, we will take care of the rest and allow you to track your resume’s progress in real time and collaborating directly with your writer. We have gone the extra mile, equipping our system with an abundance of helpful resources and reading materials for your career, allowing you to brush up on your knowledge and interview skills while we craft a high-quality industry-specific resume for you.


Get more interviews with ATS-Proofed Resume

A current rising trend in the recruitment scene is the usage of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Over 80% of the biggest job portals out there use this automated system to quickly analyze applicants and eliminate some before a human has even looked at their resume. Working in tandem with this electronic system gives us the edge and advantage to optimise your resume when applying through the majority of job portals or leading companies, meaning that your resume is much more likely to make it through the initial filtering process done by ATS.


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You will probably agree with us that looking for a job is very challenging task to do. We are truly committed to helping you land a better job faster by providing you the right resources and constant feedback from real-life recruitment experiences. We have already transformed the careers of hundreds of clients and we are excited and dedicated to get to know you and help you achieving your dream career too.